Domnica Petrovai – Psychotherapist – Couples resilience in post-pandemic times


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About speaker

Clinician Psychologist and Psychotherapist, founder of Mind Education and The School for Couples, Domnica Petrovai has a

20 years practice experience in counselling couples and families.

Author of the bestselling Romanian book „Iubește și fii iubit/ă” (eng. trad. Love and be loved), Domnica supports couples and their environment to support each other

and grow together, contributing to raising the individual and the relationships wellbeing.


Speaks about:

In uncertain times when everything around us may be different, it is difficult to be fully present in a relationship.

Domnica Petrovai, one of our speakers at The Inner – Mapping Inside event, will talk about the resilience of post-pandemic couples.

-A good relationship, as I said, is mutual: both partners must invest equally energy and care for the relationship-

Domnica Petrovai