Breathing masterclass - Stay strong - Stay focused

Rămâi în putere – Fii concentrat

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“Breath control is a prerequisite for mind control”-Swami Rama

About Masterclass:

You will be guided through easy-to-follow instructions on how to breathe deeply, how to learn useful mind calming techniques and how to implement them into a busy daily schedule. You will learn how breathing influences the nervous system and how you can decide on your ability to be calm, well-balanced and focused.

This workshop is for you if you have difficulty meditating, breathing deeply or superficially, if you have a stressful job, if you have difficulty concentrating and/or if you often find yourself anxious.

“Calm breathing means a calm mind.” – Sandra VOZ

Asta te va ajuta cu:
  • Improving your sleep
  • Ability to stay focused and resilient
  • The possibility of making room in a too full mind, which is so tiring to feel
  • Gain the strength of your body
  • Improving skin brightness
  • Better meditation skills
  • Feel more relaxed and present in your life


At the conference, Sandra Voz will share her personal story about the transition from stress, burnout and overwork to a calm, authentic and rich life. It is a true story, honestly shared about the pain she went through and what were the specific areas of her life that she changed to find inner peace and inner balance. Sandra tells her story because she hopes to inspire other people to look honestly at how they live their life and see for themselves if they are ready for a change. It takes courage to get out of old habits, but it is often much more painful to stick to them.

“You deserve to live, not just survive.” – Sandra Voz

Sandra uses a 360 ° approach to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally. The purpose of this approach is to reconnect the body to the mind not only through yoga, breathing and meditation, but additionally by learning how to set limits and allow yourself to be comfortable with your own vulnerabilities and imperfections, thus creating space for the change we seek so hard.

“This conference is not about healing the old, it is about creating the new.” . – Victor Miron