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Psychotherapist Claudia Găgeanu – Conscious circular breathing session (RO)


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Circular breathing is a portal that takes us out of the everyday state of consciousness into the deep spaces of our Being, helping us reveal contents which are sometimes hidden, encrypted in the unconscious and stored in the body in the form of various symptoms. In a carefully facilitated and safe context, we can travel with the help of breath and music within ourselves and heal, we have the opportunity to know ourselves more deeply and touch the mysteries of our larger existence. The session can have a high degree of intensity, works with expanded states of consciousness and is not suitable for people with heart problems, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, recent injuries/operations or pregnant women.

About the facilitator

First of all, I am a human being who is walking her own path of integration and self-awareness. I am trained as a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in Cluj-Napoca and since 2016 I have worked mainly in private practice. I have a preference towards working with the unconscious as it manifests through repetitive patterns in relationships and our daily life. I have been certified as a breathwork facilitator since 2021 and I teach individual and group circular breathing sessions. I am in training for holotropic breathwork through Grof Transpersonal Training. This work and learning always find me amazed at the power of methods involving consciousness expansion to reveal stuck content and facilitate deeply healing processes for those people who have the courage and resources to embark on such a transformative journey.

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