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Mădălina Bozeanu – Incorporating archetypes – dance therapy and archetypes workshop (RO)


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This self-discovery workshop, using the four main archetypes, aims to explore through movement and dance therapy how we relate to others. In each of us there is a subconscious king, warrior, sorcerer or lover. A queen, a sorceress, an Amazon and a seductress. How does this feel in the body and what resources can you access through dance and conscious movement? You’ll find out in two interactive hours of theory, music, dance and mindful breathing with embodiment techniques. The workshop addresses both men and women, with or without a partner, who want to bring more understanding to certain behaviors they have or see in those they interact with (including friends, bosses or partners).

About the facilitator

Mădălina Bozeanu is a therapist guiding people in the process of reconnecting with their body and finding a state of joy and security in their own body. Mădălina got her accreditation in India for Hatha Yoga Instructor, she is an internationally certified TRE® – Trauma & Tension Release Exercises facilitator and a Somatic Experiencing Therapist in training. She facilitates somatic trauma release processes through shaking, mindful movement and psychosomatic self-awareness, femininity retreats and online personal development programs.

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