Nutritionist and emotional eating coach Patricia Rusu – Anti-burnout diet (RO)


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In this workshop we will travel between each person’s Must Havesduring this time and the paths to Self Balance. The balance we aim for includes the needs of Body, Mind and Soul, looking at nourishment from both directions: from within and without.

We will start with dietary (re)education – the foundation of the pyramid: how human physiology works, human cyclicity, the body as a whole, and how we can identify the best choices in everyday eating so that we maximize the chances of healthy, well-rounded slow aging. The second rung of the pyramid we will explore is personalizing our own nutrition – our own guide is our lifestyle, types of activities and our ability to focus on nutrition according to the context we are in (season, time of the month, time of life, work style etc). The top of the pyramid will touch on the topic of smart supplementation. Undoubtedly, in the context of our pace of life we need aids and boosters to create the right context for an active life, sharp cognition and a well-functioning nervous system to reach our professional potential.

This workshop is an experience for participants based on the latest scientific findings and a way of living and nourishing ourselves effectively. In order to experience our full potential, we need to know how to help our bodies cleanse and regenerate at a cellular level, and how to support our nervous system so it can move through the speed of everyday life and experiences.


About the facilitator


I am Patricia Rusu, Nutritionist, Complementary Therapist, Bioresonance Therapist, Fitness Nutrition & Diet Specialist. My area of focus is regenerative nutrition with an integrative approach. I create specific coaching and mentoring programs that can be integrated into the daily life of a busy person, exposed to constant stress, with multiple responsibilities, who little by little comes to the realization that he needs help to overcome burnout, to regain energy, vitality, to regain his relationship with his own body.

My approach follows epigenetics and so we enter not only the area of nutrition and the relationship with food through food psychology, but also the area of sleep, intentional movement, metabolism (brain-gut highway), meditation, optimized hydration, cellular regeneration (including skincare from within), intelligent supplementation.

The science of change, as I like to call epigenetics. Because every client who comes to me wants changes in their life, their diet, their body, their habits, etc. And I believe this is impossible to achieve without a multidisciplinary, integrative approach.

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