Nutritionist and Emotional Eating Coach Patricia Rusu – Emotions versus what I eat (RO)

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A workshop that provides you with the EAT-CONTROL KIT you need in order to find balance in the food choices you make every day. Participants will work and learn with a focus on the applicability of what we experience together in our daily food lives. Basically, they will learn how to stop “eating” their emotions, nerves, upsets, and offs.

Based on Patricia’s online program My Mindful Self (in the Kitchen), the workshop focuses on the ease with which anyone can gain control to control cravings and overcome temptations and restore the coordinates of quality of life.


About the facilitator


I am Patricia Rusu, Nutritionist, Complementary Therapist, Bioresonance Therapist, Fitness Nutrition & Diet Specialist. My area of focus is regenerative nutrition with an integrative approach. I create specific coaching and mentoring programs that can be integrated into the daily life of a busy person, exposed to constant stress, with multiple responsibilities, who little by little comes to the realization that he needs help to overcome burnout, to regain energy, vitality, to regain his relationship with his own body.

My approach follows epigenetics and so we enter not only the area of nutrition and the relationship with food through food psychology, but also the area of sleep, intentional movement, metabolism (brain-gut highway), meditation, optimized hydration, cellular regeneration (including skincare from within), intelligent supplementation.

The science of change, as I like to call epigenetics. Because every client who comes to me wants changes in their life, their diet, their body, their habits, etc. And I believe this is impossible to achieve without a multidisciplinary, integrative approach.

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