Psychologist Dr. Raluca Anton and Psychologist Dr. Adela Moldovan – The well-being of relationships (RO)


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Just take a moment and consider this idea: “Our relationships can be accurate mirrors in which we can reveal different parts of ourselves” (You know! On the principle: “tell me who you spend time with to tell you who you are”, but from a much deeper perspective and validated by the studies about relationships). But, the essential requirement is to have the curiosity and the willingness to look at ourselves in these mirrors, and to understand what we feel deep inside while reflecting in the mirror. We invite you to take a short journey into your own self, starting from meaningful relationships, relationships in which you feel good, but also those in which you don’t feel good at all, to go into the depths of your being and see beyond the surface: “why am I in these relationships and how am I contributing to what is going on inside them?”

About the facilitator

Adela Moldovan and Raluca Anton are internationally trained relational therapists, Managing Partners of Psylife Clinic – the umbrella that brings together specialists with various therapeutic backgrounds to meet the emotional and relational needs of the community, both of whom founded and are on the board of directors of Imago Therapy Academy Romania – the organization that provides specialists with training in relational therapy. One of their missions is to provide as many educational and developmental contexts as possible for each individual within their relationships (couple, professional, family), but also for couples who want to invest in the quality of their relationship. Over the years, they have undergone multiple professional trainings and this facilitates them the ability to develop intervention protocols and courses adapted to the needs of those who choose to be accompanied by them in their personal or professional growth.

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