Psychotherapist Szeréna Nagy – Workshop on phenomenological constellations and the integrative life process (RO)


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The Process of Life Integration (PIV) is a constellation method developed by Dr Wilfried Nelles, sociologist, therapist and constellation facilitator. This method approaches the human passage through seven levels of consciousness from the perspective of psychological and spiritual development. It is a new therapeutic approach, which includes the classical family constellation (developed by Bert Hellinger), the focus being on what is shown here and now, on the individual and on the individual’s relationship with himself, with the aim of integrating the shadow (C.G. Jung) and the individual path.


This workshop is a framework for exploration through the process method of life integration and phenomenological constellations, in which you can address a theme from your life, concerning you in the present.


About the facilitator


Szeréna Nagy – Psychotherapist

Working with people by looking compassionately at their past, gently at their potential for the future, and honoring what is shown in the here and now is the most meaningful path for Szeréna. She conducts one-on-one sessions and facilitates workshops and self-discovery groups with dedication. She is trained in several types of psychotherapy, mindfulness methods, coaching and relaxation techniques. She conducts workshops using the Life Integration Process method and phenomenological constellations.

Szeréna believes in the power of authenticity, ownership and compassion. Her work is guided by the belief that life is continually preparing us to come closer to the truth. Thus, each in our own way (and perhaps with each fall to our knees), we can come to see a deeper layer of reality. When we have the courage to look with acceptance at what is here and now, this experience will touch us, transform us and (when possible) even heal us. Thus, in individual sessions as well as in group activities, Szeréna creates that space of acceptance, safety and freedom, where each person can see himself as he is and find his way to his own resources.


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