Psychologist Sabina Pop and Psychologist Simona Vlad – Psychodrama workshop – The positive side of negative emotions (RO)


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In this workshop we will work with the psychodrama method, a method of action that shifts the focus from ‘talking’ to ‘doing’. We will approach emotions, thoughtfully and gently, and ask them the right questions. Negative emotions are not a problem to guard ourselves from, they are the impulse for action. There are no “bad” emotions. Each emotion has a specific function, they all carry information and teach us something, pushing us towards action to restore inner order.
One of the main causes of many psychological problems is the habit of avoiding emotions. Avoidance is an effective short-term solution. But in the long run, we find ourselves with a much bigger problem than the one we avoided in the first place. And life, if we’re lucky, is a long term contract.

About the facilitator

Sabina Pop is a psychotherapist specialist and trainer in psychotherapy – psychodrama. With a degree in psychology and social work from Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, she is recommended by 20 years of experience in group work and organizational training. She works in private practice as a senior trainer and as a psychotherapist in individual practice. Associated specializations: couple psychotherapy, hypnosis.
Simona Vlad is a psychotherapist and trainer in psychotherapy – psychodrama. She has a degree in psychology and philology from Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. Along with 20 years work in group training and organizational management, she is a psychotherapist in private practice. Related specialization: cognitive behavioral therapy.

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