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Yogic breathwork, also known as pranayama, is a practice that originates from yoga and aims to control the breath in order to improve overall health and well-being. It has physical and mental benefits and it can be practiced in different ways. The goal of the workshop is to help participants learn how to breathe in a more efficient and effective way, which can lead to a range of benefits such as reducing stress, improving lung capacity, and increasing energy levels. The workshop will also include information on the science of breathing and its impact on the body and mind.
Handpan relaxation utilizes the sounds and vibrations of a handpan, also known as a “hang”, it induces a sense of calmness, creates a peaceful and relaxing environment. This instrument has a unique, soothing sound that has been described as meditative and therapeutic, helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and promote feelings of calm and tranquility. In the session participants will lay down and enjoy the relaxing sound journey, combining it with the breath techniques they’ve previously learned.

About the facilitator

Sanya Barakova started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in 2015 in Portugal where she took her first steps as a teacher. She completed teacher training with Gregor Mahele and Monica Gauci in Bali – some of the most renowned names in the yoga world today. Then traveled to Mysore, India to practice under the watchful eye of Sharat Jois – the head teacher of all authorized Ashtanga yoga teachers today. In 2018 she returned to her roots and family in Bulgaria and started @Ashtanga Yoga Home project – teaching traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, organizing Yoga retreats and workshops. Apart from Asana practice, Sanya is very interested in the other limbs of Yoga and the philosophy behind it. She also engages in Breathing techniques classes and Meditation guidances.
She also combines her work with the love for Handpan, an instrument she has been playing for 10 years. After playing Handpan in several European capitals and festivals, Sanya started the project Handpan Festival Bulgaria together with other artists and healers. She organizes musical retreats, workshops, sound journeys and performances, combining the Handpan with other musical instruments, from relaxing and therapeutic music to dynamic and dance music.

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