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Gong Sound Bath with Simona Cornea and Christian Kast Gong Bath or Gong meditation is a form of sound healing and harmonization designed to provide relaxation, emotional release and relief from physical pain.
During a gong bath, participants lie down on a mat and get comfortable with blankets and pillows. All they have to do is sit in the presence of the vibrations emitted by the instruments and let the sounds penetrate every cell of their body, while being as aware as they can of the process. The vibrations will go where each body needs them to go. Participants are invited to passively enjoy the benefits of sound. The concept of ‘bathing’ comes from the feeling of immersion that participants feel in the vibrations of these instruments during a session.
Gong baths, like all types of sound therapy (melotherapy), allow the brain to relax into a state of alpha or theta brain waves. In this state, your brain has time to release what happened during the day, feeling calmer, happier and less anxious after a gong session. Sound baths can help with stress, depression and anxiety.
Gong is a healing tool whose frequencies go beyond the intellectual part of the brain and travel to the core of the cellular system, where the healing properties are fully absorbed.
Note: Participation in gong baths is generally considered safe for most people, regardless of age or physical condition. However, it may not be recommended during pregnancy or for people diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures or certain mental health conditions. This experience may cause discomfort to people with hearing aids or hearing impairment.

About the facilitator

Simona Cornea is a therapist specialized in massage and complementary therapies, owning her own therapy center “La Maison Verte” in Sibiu. Since 2009 when she first stepped on the path of therapies and then since 2012 when she stepped on her own, she has developed accessing multiple stages of consciousness. She got into contact with Gong in 2013 in Maximo Piazza’s retreat, the master who brought this therapy to Romania. She studied with the Grand Gong Master, Don Coreaux, from New York, who was a disciple of Yogi Bhajan, who brought Gong to the West through Kundalini yoga.
Christian Kast is a Gong Master, passionate about knowledge and self-discovery through meditation, introspection and other evolutionary methods. Christian believes that sounds and vibrations bring people closer to the soul.

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