Terms and conditions

  1. General conditions
Users of the site www.theinner.ro (named below as The Inner), owned by BRAIN AGENCY SRL, Cluj, Cluj-Napoca 26 Edgar Quinet Street, Ap 45, RO29906968, J12 / 686/2012 can order tickets from this portal for a wide range of artistic, cultural, sporting events, the purchase being subject to the following terms and conditions:BRAIN AGENCY reserves the right to change the “Terms and Conditions” at any time without prior notice.By using theinner.ro website, you express your consent, and you are expressly and unequivocally obliged to respect all the mentions of this document. These conditions also apply to the visitor who does not buy the ticket directly from the Brain Agency, but from an official point of sale, contracted by the Brain Agency to sell tickets to events.Ticket buyers are obliged to comply with the regulations that the organizers establish for the smooth running of events, and also with the rules of the locations of the events.The content and software on this site are the property of Brain Agency SRL and are protected by Romanian and international copyright laws. Any fraudulent attempt to copy / modify / download will be punished according to the laws in force.Any conditions that the user may wish to impose on this agreement are automatically excluded and will not be recognized. 
  1. Making an order
An online order involves the following steps:
  • choosing the event and the tickets available depending on the category
  • choosing the delivery method.
  • choosing the payment method and entering personal data.
  • order summary, final verification, acceptance of the terms and conditions of use, transmission of the order.
  • order confirmation by theinner.ro.
All orders booked online – are final and cannot be canceled or modified by the user 
  1. Payments and invoicing
Ordered tickets can be paid online using a valid credit or debit card, or cash directly to the courier delivering the tickets.The order with the ticket / tickets, can be considered valid only after the full payment has been made and received.According to GEO 28/1999, article 2, letter F, for the activities for which the receipts are made on the basis of fixed value vouchers printed according to the law – access tickets to shows and similar ones, no fiscal voucher is issued.By making the payment and thus completing the order, the buyer undertakes to comply with the official regulations of the event for which he purchased tickets. Failure to provide information on the regulation, misunderstanding or non-acceptance by the buyer does NOT constitute grounds for refund or chargeback. Although Ticketing Nation SRL will make every effort to provide accurate information to buyers, it cannot be held responsible for the publication or promotion of the official regulations of the events whose ticketing it mediates. 
  1. Ticket processing and delivery
After payment confirmation, the order will be processed and the tickets will be sent by email (in the case of electronic tickets) or by courier (in the case of physical tickets), depending on the option selected by the customer or imposed by the event organizer. In the case of physical tickets, the transport costs will be borne separately from the ticket price by the buyer.Orders from customers who do not prove payment or who do not contain the complete and correct delivery details will be canceled.In the case of tickets delivered by courier, the customer is recommended to open the envelope in the presence of the courier. Otherwise, any subsequent claim will not be considered.Theinner.ro’s responsibility for the order ceases after the tickets have been delivered under normal conditions to the buyer.Any claims regarding damage or non-delivery of tickets will not be directed to Theinner.ro.In case of orders made by the option of picking up from paid offices to offices, if the customer has not picked up the tickets until the event, the order is canceled 12 hours before the start of the event. 
  1. Damage, loss, reprint
Theinner.ro is not responsible if the tickets are lost / stolen / destroyed or only damaged in any way after delivery to the end user. If the buyer can be identified, we can reissue your ticket for a fee of 20 lei / ticket. If the buyer cannot be identified, reissue of the ticket is not possible.Customers are not recommended to send partial or total, in any form, of the images containing purchased tickets and especially of the barcodes present on them. Theinner.ro is not responsible for the use of copies of those tickets for access during the events sold. Access to events is based on the principle of first arrival. The first valid ticket verified at the entrance to the event location will be considered authorized. Other tickets with the same identification data will be declared invalid and access will not be allowed. 
  1. Changes, cancellations, returns, organizational deficiencies
Tickets that were not purchased from the Brain Agency SRL network will not be refunded.Moving the show / event to a location in the same locality is not a reason to refound tickets.Electronic tickets are refunded only in case of cancellation or postponement of the event for which they were purchased.The activity of Brain Agency SRL is strictly limited to the distribution of tickets, and regarding the return of the money related to the tickets purchased through the portal, or from the partners, Brain Agency SRL has no responsibility.The amounts collected related to the tickets sold are sent at precise intervals in the organizers’ accounts, according to the agreements reached with them, therefore, in case of cancellation of an event, Brain Agency SRL can only make efforts to determine the event organizers to return the money to buyers. other ways except legal ways. The amounts requested for reimbursement by customers, which are not found in the accounts of Brain Agency SRL because they have already been transferred to the organizer, are subject exclusively to its action. If the organizer does not return the amounts related to the orders requested for return to Brain Agency SRL, the legal actions initiated by the buyers will be taken on the organizer, not on the distributor, in this case, Brain Agency N SRL.The tickets sold through the portal are not the property of Brain Agency SRL, but of the organizers, therefore, the regulations regarding the guarantee policy do not apply.Brain Agency SRL does not assume responsibility for any delays, postponements, cancellations or deficiencies in organizing the event for which the tickets were purchased or for restrictions imposed by the organizer or state institutions (regarding the number of tickets that can be purchased by a person or individuals subject to legal restrictions, other restrictions), buyers must contact the event organizer for any claims.The organizer has the right to cancel or change the date of the event by not less than 4 hours from the start of the event.In the unlikely event that an event has been postponed / rescheduled due to reasons not strictly related to the organizer, the buyer has the right to participate in rescheduling the concert / event based on the ticket already purchased and issued in advance, but without the return of its value.In case of cancellation of a concert / event due to reasons strictly related to the organizer, the buyer has the right to request back the value of the ticket. The return of the equivalent value falls on the organizer and will be done directly or through the ticketing company.In case an event is canceled or rescheduled, due to the organizer, Brain Agency SRL will return to the buyers only the value of the tickets, the editing, printing and distribution commission will not be refunded, nor the additional costs (processing fee, booking fee, courier, CareTix fee, etc.).In case of cancellation or rescheduling of an event, the value of the tickets purchased through the means provided by Ticketing Nation SRL, can be returned as follows:
  • Exclusively at the point of sale where they were purchased in case of physical tickets (at the earliest in seven (7) working days after the official announcement of cancellation of the event)
  • By sending the tickets to the headquarters of Brain Agency SRL, together with the complete data necessary to return the amounts related to the order (name, surname, account number, bank) in the case of physical tickets delivered by courier. Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
  • Electronic ticket holders will receive the amount already paid for the tickets, less the additional fees, by the same method used for the initial payment.
  • Refunds will be made only if this does not contravene the terms and conditions imposed by the organizer or the venue.
  • Upon return, those tickets are automatically invalidated. The organizers reserve the right to make minor changes to the program and distribution.
  • In case of cancellation, postponement or major changes to the program or distribution, theinner.ro reserves the right to inform ticket buyers about these changes. This information can be obtained electronically, by e-mail or by telephone, if the information provided by the buyers was correct.
In accordance with European Union law, you have the right to cancel an order placed online.This “reflection” period begins on the day you receive the product. You can cancel the order for any reason, even for the simple fact that you have changed your mind. This rule applies whenever you purchase products without going to the store – for example when ordering by phone, fax, mail or internet.Excluded products – the seven-day period does not apply to the following products:
  • Concert tickets, plane and train tickets, and hotel reservations
  • The return of tickets purchased for concerts takes place only if the event is postponed or canceled.
  1. Resale tickets
The buyer is not allowed to sell or alienate the ticket purchased from Entertix.ro to a third party in order to obtain material advantages or for promotional purposes. The organizer of the event may refuse the participation of the holders of such tickets at the event or may evacuate the holders of such tickets from the location of the event. 
  1. Consent regarding the processing and protection of personal data
Brain Agency SRL processes personal data about you in order to fulfill legitimate operations and purposes related mainly to the development of marketing and advertising activities specific to the conduct of our business. 8.1. Principles of data protection
  • The collection of personal data will be carried out only for the specified, explicit and legitimate purposes (presented in point 8.4)
  • The data will NOT be processed by third parties in a manner incompatible with these purposes;
  • Personal data will be accurate and up to date (if necessary);
  • The processing of personal data will be done in a legal, fair and transparent manner;
  • All personal data will be kept confidential and stored in a highly secure manner;
  • Personal data will not be shared with third parties unless this is necessary in order to provide services in accordance with existing agreements between the parties;
  • The persons to whom the data are processed have the right to request access to personal data, to rectify and delete them, to oppose or restrict the processing of data, as well as the right to data portability.
8.2. Personal data
  • Personal data means any information that may be linked to an identified or identifiable person.
  • Personal data includes all types of direct or indirect information (ie used in connection with other data) relating to the subject person, such as name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.
8.3. Collection of personal data
  • The data we collect may include the following:
  • Name and contact details (your first and last name, e-mail address, postal address for courier tickets, telephone number)
  • Data about your device and about the way you and the device interact with our products.
  • We collect data about the features you use, the products you purchase, and the web pages you visit.
  • Data about the device and network you use to connect to our products. These include data about operating systems and software applications installed on your device, including product keys. They also include IP address, language settings, and regional settings
8.4. The purpose of collecting personal data
  • Informing customers about the validation and shipment of orders, resolving cancellations or problems of any kind regarding an order, the products and / or services purchased
  • Sending newsletters and / or periodic alerts, using e-mail (e-mail), only if the data subject (the buyer) has explicitly agreed.
  • Market research, tracking and monitoring of sales / customer / buyer behavior.
  • Also, Brain Agency Srl may provide the personal data of the buyer to other partner companies, but only on the basis of a confidentiality commitment from them and only for the purposes mentioned above, which guarantees that these data are kept safe and that the provision of these personal information is made according to the legislation in force, as follows: payment / banking service providers courier service providers, marketing service providers or other services provided by companies with which we can develop joint bidding programs on the market of goods and our services.
  • The personal information of the buyer can also be provided to the Police, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the courts and other competent state bodies, based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of expressly formulated requests.
8.5. Use of personal data
  • We will use personal data only for the purpose for which it was collected and will store the data only to the extent necessary for the purposes mentioned above (point 8.4).
  • We will keep the customer’s information for the period in which his account is active, for any of the purposes mentioned above (point 8.4).
  • Access to personal data is strictly limited to the staff of Brain Agency Srl, the associates who hold the necessary authorization and the clearly defined need for the use of data.
  • If users do not wish to disclose personal data to these companies, please contact Brain Agency at theinner.ro email address.
8.6. Security of processing
  • Personal data will be processed / processed securely and appropriate technical measures will be applied and maintained to protect against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, especially when the processing involves the transmission of data through a network both against and against any other form of illegal processing.
  • Questions regarding the security of personal data can be sent to theinner.ro
8.7. Access and rectification or deletion of personal data
  • Customers have the right to request at any time access to: rectification, portability, deletion or restriction of the processing of data collected.
  • To keep personal data up to date, we recommend that users inform us of any changes or discrepancies.
  • To view or modify personal data or to obtain information about personal data, please contact the Brain Agency at the email address: theinner.ro Signed and dated application.
  • Subscribing to our newsletter gives you the opportunity to be up to date with the latest promotions, loyalty programs, access to the order history, vouchers / discount codes and personalized offers by e-mail
  • If a subscriber to our newsletter does not open our submissions within a period of 5 months, we reserve the right not to send any more to the respective e-mail address, in addition it will be permanently deleted from the subscriber database.
  1. Cookies
9.1. What are cookies?A cookie is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, that will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipment of a user accessing the Internet. The cookie is installed at the request of the user’s terminal to a server or to a third party server.9.2. What are cookies used for?These files mainly make it possible to recognize the user’s terminal and present the content in a relevant way, adapted to the user’s preferences.Cookies provide users with a pleasant browsing experience and support efforts to provide more user-friendly services, such as: – preferences for online privacy, shopping cart or relevant advertising. They are also used in the preparation of aggregated anonymous statistics that help us understand how a user benefits from our web pages, allowing us to improve their structure and content, without allowing the user’s personal identification. 
  1. Consent
By continuing to use the services of BRAIN AGENCY SRL I declare that I have read and fully understood the above and consent to the processing and use of my personal data, in accordance with those indicated in this article.  

Workshop registration procedure for Harmony Pass holders

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  4. Log in to our website, make sure you are logged in to the account you ordered with and go to the “Workshops” page.
  5. Choose the workshops that suit you best each day.
  6. Add them to your cart and enter the discount codes you received by email in the discount coupons section.
  7. Place your order.

Choose your workshops by 06/06/2024 at the latest. We recommend you choose them as soon as possible as places sell out quickly.

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