Yoga for Mental Health - ISHA FOUNDATION

This session includes simple but powerful tools to stimulate inner peace, turning it into a constant presence in your life.

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“Because there is science and technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology to inner wellbeing.” – Sadhguru

About Masterclass:

We live in extraordinary and tumultuous times, with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading all over the world. In such situations, anxiety and stress can easily overwhelm you. It is now essential that you maintain peace, inner balance, and wellbeing. This session includes simple but powerful tools to stimulate inner peace, making a constant presence in your life. Regular practice can:

– Balance your thoughts, activities and emotions.

– Bring a deep sense of peace throughout the day.

– Known for helping people in many physical and mental conditions when practiced regularly.

About Isha YOGA:

Isha Yoga sessions offer practical, scientifically proven tools that bring balance, peace and wellbeing to the body, mind and emotions. These sessions include simple breathing techniques, gentle postures and guided meditations. Ideal for those who want to start meditation and for anyone looking for a deeper life experience. These practices are suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level.

Isha Foundation

The Isha Foundation is a non-profit organization, ONU-accredited, volunteer driven, founded by Sadhguru and dedicated to human wellness.

About Facilitator:

The masterclass will be led by Roxana from the Isha Foundation. Roxana completed her first Isha Foundation program in 2016, followed by a 6-month period of intensive training at the Isha Yoga Center in India and over 1750 hours of concentrated time to be able to absorb and offer classical Hatha Yoga tools. She has been a teacher and volunteer ever since, she teaches yoga classes all over Europe. Roxana lives in Romania, even tough she has taught to the public in Great Britain, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary.