Specific exercises for the post-cesarean scar with Adam Kanner, osteopath


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About Workshop

In processing scars, accompanying women who gave birth is very special. It is a way to (re) harmonize the big wound of the delivery and create a new relationship between the mother and herself, between the mother and the child. It is a complete revolutionary process. In this workshop we will explain all the outcomes of birth scars and especially the cesarean scar and we will offer the perspective of a new path through deep listening and some exercises. Every woman who gave birth and also who had a cesarean should come and listen. It will change her life.

About facilitator

Adam Kanner has been an osteopath since 2004. After a first year at CEESO Paris he continued his studies at ISO Aix-en-Provence. He came to osteopathy after looking for a medicine that combines energetics and matter (structure) and he found that in osteopathy:„Osteopathy fascinates me because it offers a look at the whole of the person: its structure, the fasciae, the fluids, the energy system, the nervous system, the digestive system. The conscious body is inhabited by the history of the person. Listening to an individual’s body invites you to take a trip down the memory lane. Releasing tissues and blockages offers a much larger release, and that’s exciting.”

| Osteopathy is a whole therapy. It supports the person in all its dimensions. The science of the 20th century in breaking down barriers between body, psyche, emotions and mind.
Adam Kanner