Listening to your true self through sound, with Vladimir Agachi


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About Workshop

Every day our attention is distracted by permanent mental noise. During this time, focus constantly changes its object,

jumping from one stimulus to another, rarely being in present flow. During this workshop we will use sound as a tool for focus on attention

and the present state of being.

Breathing and listening in depth, we will access the richness of our inner world hidden behind sound.

The present moment is like a canvas on which we can paint with our purest state, as long as we access profound silence.

About facilitator

Vladimir Agachi is a sound connoiseur, being one of the most active young Romanian orchestra conductors, educated at

Staatsoper Berlin, under the great conductor Daniel Barenboim.

His career is already embracing a great variety and his performances are characterised by a special talent that the public enjoys:

he combines with great charisma the somber classical music with open

dialogue and playful parts he conducts.

In Romania, Vladimir Agachi was appreciated on many important stages of different Romanian Philharmonics.

In 2008 he conducted a concert together with George Enescu Bucharest Philharmonic, under the patronage of Romanian Prime Minister.

Let’s share silence together… through music. Vladimir Agachi