Autogenic training, with Psih. Dr. Amalia Ciuca – Learn to cultivate emotional balance and stress management


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About Workshop

Autogenic training is an efficient relaxation technique, strongly science-based, utilised in psychological disorders (like anxiety, somatisation), in personal development and optimisation and also in somatic disorder treatments (for ex: irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia). In this practical workshop you will learn to combine specific body postures, which naturally bring a relaxed state, using certain verbal formulations, which repeated several times have the purpose to induce specific sensations naturally associated by the brain with relaxation (ex: weight, heat). This combination produces a profound relaxation effect, which helps at reestablishing and maintaining the physiological and emotional balance. Through constant practice, you can create a special conscious state, characterised by a state of calm, dominating the nervous parasympathetic system and high self suggestibility.

About facilitator

Psih. Dr. Amalia Maria Ciuca is a cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist, researcher in applied psychology, developing solutions of e-mental health (,, vice president of Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Romanian Association and associated teacher at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in Cluj. Her professional career is dedicated to raising the access to high-quality psychological services and improving mental health for the large public. She strongly believes in the human capacity of every being to access his inner resources and to create a better world for herself and the people around.