Dr. David R. Hamilton – Bestselling author – “How your mind can heal your body”


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About the speaker

After his PhD, David R. Hamilton worked as a scientist developing drugs for cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Inspired by the placebo effect and the power of the brain and thoughts, he left the pharmaceutical industry to write and educate people on how to take advantage of their minds and emotions to improve their health.
He is currently the author of 11 bestselling books including “How the Mind Can Heal the Body” and “The Five Effects of Goodness.” He appears frequently in the media, being invited to the BBC and other TV stations in United Kingdom and United States.

Speaking about

David Hamilton will talk about how the mind can heal your body. He will show us how we can use our imagination and thought processes to stimulate our body’s defence and healing systems to fight disease and pain. The connection between mind and body is a powerful tool in taking control of your life and ambitions.

The power of thinking can affect us in depth, often life-changing ways, in all areas of our lives, including the incredible effect of thinking over health.

– Belief generates biochemestry, which produces the effect that you believe is supossed to happen –
David R. Hamilton